Meet Cynthia

Cynthia is an extraordinarily multi-faceted woman, who interweaves her life experience, previous corporate leadership, teaching roles and education spanning decades to her coaching practice.  Perhaps one of her greatest personal accomplishments is that of being a Certified Professional Compliance Officer.  It is the prescribed ethics, integrity standards which serve as the foundation and professional compass for her coaching role in the life of others.

With a diverse background from Healthcare Business Analyst/Project Manager, teaching Information Technologies & Allied healthcare core competencies at undergrad level, an artist in her own right; she is keenly attuned to the high pressure demands of professional performance, the keys to success and personal happiness! 

Always pursuing her lifelong interests in human development, psychology, sociology perhaps her greatest passion is Holistic Wellbeing and self-care, specifically individual uniqueness & empowerment! 

Regardless of the role or hat she wears, Cynthia’s personal core strength is mentoring, encouraging and most of all empowering individuals & teams.  This realization is what led her on the path of coaching a decade ago.  It was during her coaching education, certification, and continuing education it became apparent that making outwardly behavioral/lifestyle transitions were not enough to form positive lasting life changes. 

Hence, over time she began to formulate the “Core” model of coaching.  “Just what is at your core?”, she often asked and quickly heard the auto reply answer  e.g., “Good Spouse/parent, hard worker, honest, committed…etc.”  

Few were in touch with their true personal “Core” ingredients, what they uniquely came into this life with. Most did not realize that their pipe dreams of being an artist, writers, creators while seemed out of reach, actually lay dormant, hidden talents and gifts.  Essentially, the theory, reality of “everything you will ever need in life to be your best version, you already have”!  

As simplistic as it may sound the only element missing for most all of us on life’s journey is having a trusted partner to discover, support, create and empower us along our life path. 

Coaching, mentoring others is Cynthia’s true calling, life purpose and personal passion! 

On her own quest to discover and embrace her “Core” was the undeniable personal qualities of love, faith, hope, compassion, and resiliency.  Her drive for truth, ethical standards, advocating for the voiceless and believing, rooting for the underdog is what she is made of and known for. 

Probably the greatest personal challenge for Cynthia on her own self-discovery was to squarely look at, acknowledge and eventually embrace her natural intuitiveness, empathic abilities.  As a born sceptic, one who seeks out scientific evidence backed by academic peer review and published by i.e., JAMA, she is outspoken against “guru-ism, psychics and mystics” and so this quest did not come easily for her. 

While there are certainly life events science simply cannot explain, spiritual experiences so many have had, “Déjà vu” encounters most experience; being empathic was not something Cynthia was at all confident in disclosing.  

At least until she objectively examined her own life, interactions with others…solicited feedback from those she was personally & professionally involved with over the years and researched the subject matter through medical and psychological materials; the evidence became glaring and undeniable. 

Cynthia is fascinated with the age-old question of “Nature or Nurture” regarding how any of us have developed, grow and who we become in life.  It was her own professional mentor who said, “this is only one aspect of you, but it is who you are at your core and what has been interwoven in every role you ever had and has led you to success”. Exactly, now I get it! 

As a Life/Holistic coach with Cynthia, you get her real-life knowledge of the corporate world, years of teaching experience,  and her endless pursuit of education.  Most importantly what sets her apart from the rest; yes, it is her intuitive abilities which mean she easily connects with others, empathically feels what is often overlooked and has a gift of discernment.  All ingredients to authentically focus on your core, what’s truly meaningful to you and create a path, set goals to achieve the best version of who you are meant to be! 

Don’t just make changes…discover, embrace and be empowered by your BEST version of self!